This is a runescape forums clan if you want to know more about us join kodchat (our clan chat). If you have questions join the clan chat or contact me valcombird on runescape.
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 My big rules

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PostSubject: My big rules   Mon Aug 17, 2009 9:07 pm

My rules.


1. Strictly no joining multiple clans (sw clans and pc clans etc don't count)

2. All jagex rules apply

3. No offensive language

4. Anyone leaving K.O.D, if they ever re apply then they shall start as a recruit and work their way back up the hard way

5. No site advertising.

6. No bad sites.

7. No bad pictures.

8. No flaming.

- Punishments -

Strike 1 - Warning
Strike 2 - Kicked from cc for 24 hours
Strike 3 - Banned from all clan activities for 7 days
Strike 4 - Put on trial wether to be allowed in the clan
Strike 5 - permanently kicked, no loopholes to get you back either
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My big rules
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